44 Things You’d Wish To Know While Planning Your Wedding

44 Things You Wish You Knew While Planning Your Wedding Day

So you get engaged, now what? You’ve never planned a wedding before and you have to budget, entertain, and figure out where to get a marriage license. Awesome.

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One of the most stressful task brandon and I had to do was pick a date that worked for all of our families and agree on a venue, yikes! It was a lot of work and a lot of talking. In my opinion, weddings are supposed to be about the bride and groom, but when you have so many people involved it doesn’t always feel that way. There are a ton of elements that go into planning a wedding, some fun, some boring!  Here are the best wedding apps to help make the process that much easier:

  1. Best Wedding Apps
    1. The Knot 
    2. Pinterest
    3. Wedding Wire – it’s literally the bomb
    4. Best App to get cash sent to you Tendr
    5. Best App for finding bridesmaid dresses: Wedding Way 
    6. Best App for blocking out guest hotel rooms: Skipper
    7. Best Way to collect all wedding photos from guest: Burner
    8. Best way to include people who can’t make it: Wedding web


I planned my wedding fairly quickly and it was a lot easier than I expected. Here are some of the highlighted things about the day:

  1. Don’t feel pressure after you get engaged and everyone immediately ask what day you are getting married (I literally just found out I’m getting married, thx)
  2. Ask your spouse what kind of wedding they want and find a middle ground.
  3. Create a great hashtag
  4. Make a list of everything that is important to you start and start a dream board
  5. Look up 6 venue options before you choose one
  6. Wedding planners are the best investment ever.
  7. Don’t let wedding planner prices rip you off – you can even choose someone local or someone just starting out.
  8. Budget your wedding out before you start planning. There are a ton of apps that will allow you to play with numbers
  9. Plan for most wedding dresses to deliver in 6-8 months
  10. Plan for weight gain or weight loss during between your fitting times
  11. If you don’t want to invite everyone, don’t. you are paying per head, only pay for the people you really want to be there.
  12. Don’t have a day of coordinator or they will have no idea what to do – make sure the person is involved at least 2-3 months before the big day
  13. be really specific with your photographer on what shots you want. Make a list
  14. Best investment is videographer and photographer – its the only memories you’ll have when the day is over.
  15. Don’t drink champagne or anything carbonate before the wedding, bloated city
  16. Put a friend in charge on the day of the wedding, all problem can report to her.
  17. Don’t get a facial right before you wedding (your skin get bad before it gets better). As soon as you get engaged plan out what beauty treatments you will invest in.
  18. don’t worry about spend $9,000 on a cake. No one remembers the cake.
  19. Have a plan B for weather issues, also consider the time of year you are getting  married if it’s outside. Sweat city.
  20. Forget all the DIY’s. it’s a waste of time and actually can be more expensive
  21. Have a really great rehearsal dinner, but be sure to go to bed early! If you don’t get sleep, you’ll look a wreck the next day.
  22. Find a middle ground “splurge” for your wedding dress invest the rest of the money on a really cool rehearsal dinner dress.
  23. Don’t do trends. Have you ever looked back at an 80’s wedding and been like ew? don’t do trends.. classics.
  24. it’s really not that hard to plan. Once you get all your vendors set it’s easy.
  25. Things will go wrong & that’s OK. Our wedding planner was MIA all morning… couldn’t find her, half the people weren’t there for hair and makeup… we lived.
  26. Have food ready and waiting for you after the wedding. You’ll be starving
  27. Don’t spend a ton on your wedding… spend on your honeymoon or save
  28. The day might be about you and your husband, but everyone will have an opinion, it’s fine, let them.
  29. take off the week before you wedding – you’ll need it to get ready and say hello to guest as they arrive.
  30. If you want your nerves to be more calm, have less pictures to take, and relax after your pronounced husband and wife, first look might be for you.
  31. You can have a friend or a close relative marry you. It’s easy is certain states to get ordained
  32. Make sure mom is taken care of – no one is allowed to go to her with issues
  33. actually practice how you will walk down the aisle.. it’s awkward
  34. Use the knot app or weddingwire! it will tell you step by step what to do every day
  35. Keep your wedding website up to date with accommodations, times, address, things to do etc
  36. confirm, confirm confirm with your wedding vendors. Communication!
  37. Choose your bridesmaids wisely
  38. Don’t expect your bridesmaids to stop their lives for your wedding. They have lives too.
  39. 2 Speechs at the wedding MAX! 5 min each!
  40. Make sure your photographer is either using two different cameras or a couple of different memory cards! I have friends that do not have any pics because of this reason.
  41. Don’t waste money on trinkets, buy things that will matter and stand out in your wedding
  42. Do not have a DJ that tell people what to do on the dance floor. People will dance.
  43. Put all price points on your wedding registry so there is something for everyone
  44. Be willing to say no, don’t let other people’s wants and needs take over




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  1. Alexis Owensby
    April 10, 2018 / 4:07 am

    LOVE all of your tips! I am wanting a mountain wedding too, where is this beautiful venue?

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