Welcome to my site

Hi! I’m Emily Avedikian, wife to Brandon & dog mom to my pink Pomeranian and Party Pom. I am born & raised in Texas and love living in the city. Full time, I run a non-profit boutique with all new clothing called Keeps Boutique (watch the video here) at The Gatehouse (video here). I started the boutique when I was 15 & after I graduated from Baylor (sic em’) with a Speech Pathology Degree, I decided to use my degree to the best of my ability (kidding) and run my boutique full time at The Gatehouse. I dress women in crisis for court dates, interviews and help build new wardrobes.

I created It’s Me Emily to share my life, ideas and tips to promote positivity and inspiration. It’s my goal in life to show women from all over to know their worth.

“Know your worth and then add tax”.

XO It’s Me Emily